Zipping Through Monteverde
Canopy Monteverde Costa Rica

Recently I went to Monteverde and I can’t describe how awesome this location in Costa Rica is!

Although the entire country offers zip line, I think personally the “Canopy Tour” applies to this location.
Most locations will offer zipping above the tree tops. You get to see different scenery, volcanoes, valleys, waterfalls, etc. While Arenal can offer longer lines and incredible heights and an impressive volcano, in Monteverde, you actually get to zip through the trees! It is an unbelievable experience!

You have to get to each line, like most zip line locations, hiking through some incredibly vegetation and climbing up to a platform. Here is where this zip line experience differs from the rest. In Monteverde you get to zip through the Cloud Forest. This means that there are times that from line to line, you don’t get to see where you are headed. You literally zip blind! It is an incredibly thrilling ride. The other main difference is that, yes, you are high in the tree canopy, but here some of the lines you actually get to zip between the trees. It is absolutely beautiful!

For this region of Costa Rica, whether dry season or wet season, expect rain. It’s the Cloud Forest, you will experience moister. I highly recommend traveling in layers, with dry fit clothes. Things that will be ok getting wet, but more importantly dry quickly!