Tortuguero – Land of the Turtles
Tortuguero Costa Rica

There are locations in Costa Rica that need no explanation and you just have to visit. Tortuguero needs a lot of explaining, but you still have to visit. To visit this region, you need patience. It is a region where it takes 5 hours from San Jose (via ground transportation) and another hour to get you the lodges (via boat). Like previously mentioned, you need patience!

This is the location where you can see the incredible nature that Costa Rica has to offer.
The minute you get to Tortuguero you realize this is no typical location. Especially when you realize that the rustling you hear in the trees and the bushes isn’t what you expect, it’s actually a giant iguana. They are everywhere and they feed well since they are enormous.

The tours that I chose to do where the turtle nesting and mangrove boat ride through the Tortuguero National Park. These tours are controlled by the lodges. First and foremost, the animals and nature dictate the tours. For the nesting tour, we leave the property in the middle of the night to get to a secluded location (pretty sure it was an abandon airfield) and wait until the guide says it’s a go to head to the beach…..did I mention patience? We sat on that airfield for about 2 hours. We just talked to between all the different travelers that were there and enjoyed the beautiful night sky! The stars in this region are amazing since this is a remote amazon location.

When the guide came to collect us, we hiked in the dark towards the beach and what a sight. A giant leather back was digging a hole. It was amazing to witness! Another 20 minutes and she was done and then she started laying her eggs….it was truly unbelievable.

The next day we got to travel through the river and canals of the national park. You get to see so many birds and if you’re really lucky, maybe some white face monkeys will yell at you!
Since this is the amazon of Costa Rica, the weather is hot and can get humid. I totally recommend light layered clothing. Think wind breaker with dry-fit gym clothes, things that you can sweat in or get wet with the occasional rain shower, but that can dry quickly!